Best body image is fed by ‘stinking thinking’

So until I was in my late 20’s I wore the same sized clothes I did in 6th grade. I was 106 lbs then. I hated it! My body was under constant ridicule from men, especially as I was constantly reminded that men liked women “with meat on their bones”. I had chicken legs, no ass and a B cup. I am sure my fake until you make which is what attracted my beaus. 

Fast forward 15 years and 50lbs later. I still nitpick with my body. I don’t like the rolls in back, my arms look huge and these damn saddle bags! But, I am slowly learning that my self-esteem is one of the things sacrificed during my now defunct marriage. Fixing my perspective has required a ton of emotional and spiritual work. I realize that I have blockages in my sacral and root chakras. I have discovered I am s demisexual and mainly attracted to people I have deep connection with, that I can give. 

Much of my “inner ‘G’ work is getting the ruminating thoughts out of my head. Those small criticism and manipulations of my exes, the rejection of my crushes and my own ‘stinking thinking ‘. It imperative that I do mental exercises, meditate, and dp that inner work in order to see the Goddess that really am.

Self-love is a deficiency not fixed with a supplement pill. But, it really the foundation for any love you have, for your ability to manifest or edit your life to the dream life or even to  LIVE insteady of simply exist. The Universe housed you in that specific body for a reason. Work on on that ‘inner-G‘ so that you enjoy yourself and subsequently your life.