Thinking win-win is liberation from the scarcity mindset.


1. Introduction to Habit 4:   How to create a team that is teeming with ideas

Habits 1 through 3 are below the center of the diagram and are those habits leading one from being dependent to being independent, to being both an effective and efficient project manager. Habit 4 is above the center of the diagram and it starts you on the road towards being interdependent and creating a great project team.

To do this you will have to deal with stakeholders—customers, suppliers, project sponsors, other functional managers, and your team members. What spirit you use in negotiating will them determine how successful your team will be.

2. The Human Interaction Quadrant

Everybody going into a negotiation WANTS to win. But what happens when you interact with someone ELSE who wants to win? Then the psychological approach you take matters in deciding the outcome. Here are the four possibilities:

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