There are people who have made it their #intention (or perhaps they did it unintentionally) to make me feel I am #TeamTooMuch. For as long as I can remember, my everything was #toomuch. No matter how I tried to tone it down, no matter how much my confidence was a carefully sculpted mask. It was a careful tightrope walk, be ‘this’ (#confidence) but not #toomuch, and that (polar opposite ‘you ain’t all THAT’). I have been for so long trying to #fitintoabox, an assigned value or worth. All symptoms of not defining yourself and allowing other people to do it. I find myself at the precipice of a new #journey, only now learning how much I really am and that #God created me that way and no person has the right to assign or demean my worth because it doesn’t #reconcile with their own #insecurities. I am looking for those people who make me a better person and who I do the same for. For so long, I have felt #unlovable and #disposable. Now, I strive to BE.

This video of #ShondaRhimes truly inspires me to be a #FOD and embrace it.
PS #tamarbraxtonHerbert & #SaraJakesRoberts are inspirations as well. Their personal journeys help embrace #TeamTooMuch or #FOD.

Extended – Shonda Rhimes Talks “Year of Yes” //