2 ‘Gangsters’ from NOLA
The video is evidence of a society built as a social caste system. I see them as sick, infected by a society that for close to 5 centuries has built itself on our backs. Poverty, criminal injustice system, etc. Ghandi said “Poverty is the worst form of violence”
But then where is our own laws? Laws of consciousness governed by those in the community who take it upon themselves. The criminals ready to die for nothing, where are the community members ready to die for something. We’ve done it before and they squashed our attempts because they knew how dangerous it was for us to have an uprising. Now people bellyache about the gun laws (as is, purposely meant for them to stockpile and not us) , why?  Best believe if there is not a new organization like our Panthers, or minds like our leaders of past – it won’t even matter. We will be lulled asleep by religiosity and talks of the pudding pop man.