I have worked with several organization that work for the prevention of violence.  A special place belongs in my heart for Domesstic Violence victims and survivors. Recently Domestic Violence has come to the forefront of that moral abyss called REALITY TV. On a show “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”  music artist named K Michelle has asserted claims that her former manger and romantic partner “Memphitz” violently attacked her. She further purports that not only did her label know, but for the most part turned a blind eye. In the time since her relationship with him, he has  married Toya “ex-wife to Lil’ Wayne Wright (formally Carter).  And K Michelle’s assertion of Domestic Violence and open criticism of Mr. Wright have struck a nerve with his newly-wed wife.

Teasers from next week’s show has a friend of Toya and Memphitz publicly challenging K Michelle on whether her claims are true.  It pains my heart to have any women who claims to have been abused questioned. Its not that I do not think there are unscrupulous women would make such false claims, its the fact that each time you question a claim like this you reinforce many abuser claims that  “NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE YOU.”  I am sure as a loving wife, if this is not Toya’s belief or experience with her husband, it must be difficult to hear these claims. But the truth of the matter is that despite Mrs. Wright’s demands for proof, it is ultimately reckless for her to question what happened.  Why? For the greater good. She simply does not have the first-hand knowledge of what occurred that night.

As a mother, I simply choose to think that Mrs. Wright protective nature has stepped up to protect her family. But She also is a mother, and perhaps she can operate with a responsible cautiousness in her response to Ms. K Michelle’s claims. Not for this young lady, but perhaps for the one that is watching her twitter and contemplating telling someone about her private hell. Not for Ms. K Michelle, but IN SPITE OF her obnoxious and rude outburst. But for the one that is watching all these carrying-ons and wondering if anyone will believe her despite the absence of previous “police reports” or photos. I simply plead that she act in a responsible nature, take the high ground  and think of those her public actions may affect. I urge her to continue her goal to be an inspiration and mentor for young women and not sacrifice that to get the last word.  “The truth needs no defense”

From the Domestic Abuse Intervention Services website:

“Most domestic violence victims feel very alone and confused as a result of the abuse. Victims often feel they have nowhere to turn – they may worry no one will believe them, they may blame themselves for the abuse, and they may fear their abuser will hurt them, their children, or their pets if they reveal the abuse to anyone outside their home.”

Dedicated to the memory of Nova Henry and Ava Henry-Curry.